“There is always a way to go”

Master Shen Jin, Taiji Course 37, Lyon, October 2023
Découvrez le BuQi

Discover the BuQi

A complete system combining the Chinese tradition of energy circulation
in the body and the practice of specific exercises.
Authentic internal art, it is aimed at each of you, in search of a practice at the service of health
respectful of the principles of Chinese tradition.
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The certified teachers of the BuQi System will allow you to discover the practices of this System. They are divided into major geographical areas:
South, South East
Center and South-West
Parisian region
Developed by Dr. Shen Hongxun, and transmitted by Master Shen Jin, his daughter, the BuQi® system is a set of practices from the Chinese energy tradition (Yi Jin Jing, Taijiwuxigong, Taiji 13, Taiji 37, Daoyin E-Mei, etc.) . The origin of certain practices is Taijiquan (also called taichi or taichi chuan), once a martial art that has become a health practice.
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The activation of the energy centers (dantian), the spontaneous movement, the circulation of energy aim to eliminate physical tension and stress (BinQi). It's about breaking what Dr. Shen called “the double vicious circle of posture and emotions”.
Everyone learns through the various exercises (daoyin) to free themselves from energy, physical and emotional blockages, and feel the benefits of a practice that brings more relaxation, well-being, joy of living.
We could talk about meditation in action. It is an internal art, in accordance with the taiji philosophy, which aims to find harmony and balance.